Improving Your Operations, PROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS

Roots is an Automation-as-a-Service company that supports your daily operations, provides significantly reduced operating costs, and frees up your people to focus on serving your customers and growing your business.


We use our robotics platform to help companies like yours shift from manual tasks performed by humans to automated processes powered by machines. We augment our library of robots to fit within your process and technology environments, leverage our powerful analytics and management suite to track and improve your operations, use machine learning to minimize exceptions to process, and do it all in the Cloud to quickly adjust to meet your changing demands.  

We have deep experience deploying automation solutions in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Financial Services, and Insurance industries, as well as deploying automation solutions across corporate functions like Finance, HR, IT, Legal, and Operations regardless of industry.

We focus on organizations that have been ignored by others because they lack the traditional scale required to deploy such solutions. We provide the expertise that allows you to afford your own Automation Center of Excellence without paying the high cost of entry that only fortune 500 companies can typically afford.

We deliver your digitized operations in as little as four weeks and without requiring any up-front investment.

By partnering with Roots, you get the scale benefit of the largest companies while we give you back control of your operations, your company's brand, and reputation.