Automation Trends Roundtable

Join us on Tuesday, June 15th at 11am EST alongside Emmanuel Joffre, Chief Human Resources Officer of SCOR, one of the world's largest reinsurers.

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Once a month, we invite executives from the Financial Services and Insurance sectors to participate in an exclusive Roundtable event.

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June 15th, 2021

Practical Strategies to Retrain and Retain Employees Throughout Digital Transformation

With Speaker Emmanuel Joffre

Image of Emmanuel Joffre, CHRO at SCOR, for the Roots Automation Automation Trends Roundtable.
Organizational change isn't a new concept, but automation and digital transformation can still be difficult to navigate. Rather than shying away from a difficult conversation, Emmanuel Joffre will share actionable tips for when technology results in a redundant workforce.

Alongside other industry executives, Emmanuel will share the best approaches for introducing change to your workforce, as well as practical strategies on how to scale your company using your existing workforce amidst digital transformation.

Emmanuel Joffre holds a master’s degree from French business school ESSEC and a graduate degree in law. A seasoned HR professional in all operational and functional areas, he has over 20 years of professional experience in leading international HR positions in various industries. Prior to being promoted to the position of CHRO he was SCOR’s Head of Human Resources for the Americas, based in New York.

About Our Roundtable

The Automation Trends Roundtable is an opportunity to connect industry professionals in the Insurance, Healthcare, and Financial Services sectors. Each month, we feature a new guest speaker with experience and proven expertise in their respective field. While the guest speaker changes with each event, the chosen topics are always timely and relevant to the common challenges in your industry.

More than just another stuffy webinar, the Automation Trends Roundtable is held virtually in an interview-style setting. As an attendee, you can ask questions of the speaker, gain valuable industry insight, and even soundboard ideas. We always keep the event small to ensure everyone's thoughts will be heard.

In a world where in-person networking has been replaced with cold webinars, the Automation Trends Roundtable can also be used to connect with other professionals in your industry. And remember, the topic and speaker changes every month. If you like this month's event, make sure to reserve your seat quickly because the next Roundtable will be different!

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Our monthly Roundtable encourages interview-style discourse with executives from companies like AIG, MassMutual, and more.

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Practical Applications

Walk away with professional insights on current industry trends, and receive actionable suggestions to implement into your business objectives.

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In a zero-pitching environment, this Roundtable is strictly a forum to discuss market changes and demands with top industry executives.

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