An Insurance Carrier Partners with Roots Automation

June 6, 2022
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Roots Automation excitedly announced yet another new partnership with a leading carrier. This Customer offers multi-line coverage across a range of property and casualty products, and is working with a Digital Coworker to improve efficiency and customer experience by streamlining their claims intake.

Like many insurers within this industry, resolving claims was becoming increasingly administrative for this Customer, leading their executive team to begin a conversation with Roots Automation.

The Customer’s Digital Coworker will be responsible for receiving and identifying loss details to initiate new claims. The Digital Coworker will open and read email attachments, interpret the description of the loss, and then create the claim before assigning to an adjuster. This partnership’s aim is to remove the administrative work from the Customer’s claims team, and resume focus on quickly and efficiently processing policyholder losses.

This Customer chose to work with Roots Automation because of our powerful and unique Digital Coworker product. Unlike other automation solutions on today’s market, Digital Coworkers possess a cognitive ability to work and learn from our Customer’s team members in real-time. This feature will enable more capacity within our Customer’s organization. Because Digital Coworkers continuously learn and become smarter over time, the Customer will realize compounding success throughout the duration of the partnership.  

Additionally, this Customer partnered with Roots Automation because Digital Coworkers are able to demonstrate an understanding of business rules in addition to the pre-built cognitive engine, effectively replicating human decision-making that always lines up with company best practices.

“We are very excited about this new partnership, as both Roots Automation and our Customer see huge potential for Digital Coworkers to improve the efficiency of the claims process,” said CEO and co-founder Chaz Perera. “Looking more broadly across the insurance space, there are thousands of companies that are stuck managing claims manually. Our Digital Coworkers can dramatically improve team capacity and productivity, releasing people of soul-crushing work while improving the overall customer experience,” said Perera.

“This new win exemplifies how we at Roots Automation can help make work more human,” Perera finished.

If you are interested in Digital Coworkers, cognitive decision-making, or learning more about our company mission, we invite you to start a conversation with our team.

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Artificial Intelligence and automation can be difficult to conceptualize.

Access our on-demand demo and watch as a Digital Coworker learns to underwrite an insurance policy, eventually reaching a 95% straight-through processing rate.
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