Roots Automation is Excited to Announce a Customer Win

May 23, 2022
Image of medicine pills against a blue background.

Roots Automation is excited to announce a Customer Expansion.

Our Customer, a U.S. healthcare provider, boasts fast, reliable access to healthcare products and has recently expanded into additional fields, such as dermatology.

Previously, Roots Automation and our Customer partnered to build a Digital Coworker that reads medical ID cards, extracts the policy information, and verifies their customer’s insurance information. After witnessing a 900% return on investment from their first Digital Coworker, our Customer is now expanding the partnership with Roots Automation to delegate six additional processes across their medical and pharmaceutical operations to a Digital Coworker, including:

- Payment Authorization Reversal – The Digital Coworker will monitor and complete tasks related to payment authorization reversals. This includes starting the payment process, updating patient information, processing payments and submitting authorization requests.

- Payment Report Processing – This Digital Coworker will again monitor the Customer’s work queue, this time with the intention of completing payment processing tasks.

- Order Entry – The Digital Coworker will confirm order entries by inputting prescription numbers, reviewing the order details on the invoices and confirming the orders.

- Third Party Exception Handling – Alleviating the human team from this monotonous work, the Digital Coworker will review and clear third-party rejection errors.

- Medical Auditing – The Digital Coworker will audit files, match to current files and ensure the completeness of the patient profile and medical chart.

- Prescription and Patient Data Entry – The Digital Coworker will monitor the Customer’s work queue and update prescriptions, patient data, prescriber details, billing information and more. This will allow the Customer to ensure accuracy and completeness of their customers’ information.

Our Customer chose to work with Roots Automation because of the fantastic track-record of the Digital Coworkers to drive significant value (read more in this case study) – which saw processing times reduced from 24 hours to 1 minute, while also reducing manual effort by 90%.

“This is an especially important partnership for Roots Automation,” said CEO and co-founder Chaz Perera. “Aside from the improved user experience for our Customer’s customer, it’s exciting because the Digital Coworker has already proven how impactful it can be in a growth-focused environment. This Customer is experiencing growth at a staggering rate – averaging a 20% increase in subscribers month-over-month,” Perera continued. “Sustaining this level of growth in the face of a global talent crisis is a critical imperative for our Customer and one that Roots Automation is proud to enable through Digital Coworkers.”

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