Automation in Financial Services

FinTech is more than just a buzzword. The Financial Services industry is in the middle of a technological revolution, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Process Automation.

Roots Automation analyzes the impacts of automation within the Financial Services sector. Special attention is paid to current industry trends, the effects of process automation, and how to use Bots to make happier customers.

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2022 Insurance Industry Trends: How Carriers and Brokerages Navigate Challenges and Capture Opportunities

As the world settles into its “new normal” post-pandemic, insurance industry trends are expected to touch carriers and brokerages alike.

Reconciling the Cost of Business with the Cost of People

With the evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work environments, it’s clear that the labor challenges that companies face have reached new heights.

Can You Rely on Automated Underwriting Systems to Approve Loans?

Banks and other financial institutions have been using automated underwriting systems for some time now. While improvements in speed and accuracy are the most obvious benefits, this is just the start.

5 Major Benefits of Accounting Automation

Accounting automation (specifically, AR and AP automation) combats fraud, increases accuracy and employee engagement, and decreases time and money spent.

5 Must-Have Features of Your Accounts Payable Automation

Even though RPA was helpful in the past, it only works within clearly defined scenarios. Accounts payable automation requires advanced technology for lasting success.

No, RPA Won’t Replace Phil in Accounting.

Automation is designed to streamline processes, not replace entire jobs. Yet, the number one question asked of any RPA vendor or automation company is, "Will robots take my job?"

Cognitive Solutions in Business Efficiency and Performance

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, and Cognitive AI are buzzwords that business leaders cannot afford to ignore. In today's digital era, enterprises must draw out a crystal

Automation and Return on Investment

Making the decision to embark on a digital transformation, for a company of any size, is a considerable undertaking.If you are the driving force encouraging the transformation it is likely that you wi

Mergers & Acquisitions – the perfect environment for automation

We’re firm believers that automation can improve most data-heavy and laborious processes. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) may not be the first process you think of when considering a digital transform

Your RPA isn’t in the cloud? Here’s why it should be

In our pre-COVID world, business has changed and is continuing to change drastically and nearly too quickly to keep up with. What was initially supposed to be a few-week period to “flatten the curve”

The future of work will always need humans

Robots ‘coming to take our jobs’ has been a hot topic for many years. Automation is becoming more common in the workplace and bots are completing tasks that, previously, humans were doing manually. Ho