Healthcare Automation

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Process Automation, the world of healthcare is changing rapidly. From reading and organizing medical notes to pharmacy and supply orders, technology is revolutionizing the way patients receive care.

Roots Automation analyzes recent advancements of process automation in healthcare, the revolutionary effects of this new technology on the industry, and how human healthcare providers feel about working with Bots.

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Roots Automation is Excited to Announce a Customer Win

After witnessing a +900% return on investment from their first Digital Coworker, this Customer is now partnering with Roots Automation to delegate six additional processes across their operations.

The Evolution of Document Processing: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are Today and Where We Are Headed Tomorrow

Intelligent document processing (IDP) grew out of optical character recognition (OCR) technology and is now serving as the foundation for the next-generation of AI-driven process automation.

Why Current Claims Processes Are Unsustainable

Medical claims have a traditionally negative perception. Today's medical claims processes elicit an image of inefficiency, complexity, errors, and high costs.

Letter from the Co-founders: Announcing Iris, a New SaaS from Roots Automation

We’re launching a new SaaS product, Iris, in 2022. Iris is a niche data extraction platform focused on pulling information from medical claim forms, specifically the CMS-1500 claim form.

How Medical Claims Processing Transforms Patient Healthcare

Cutting-edge medical robots are never far from the headlines. However, medical claims automation is making a big impact behind the front desk.

Medical Claims Clearinghouse vs. Automated Medical Claims Processing

Today's insurance carriers are reliant on BPOs, TPAs, and claims clearinghouses. But how do these institutions compare to Digital Coworkers and advanced claims processing automation?

Healthcare Automation: The Secret Impact of AI in Medicine

Medicine has embraced AI, but few know that it's also proving invaluable behind the scenes. What is the impact of healthcare automation behind the front desk?

How to Improve Claims Handling with Automation

Insurance automation systems are now an integral part of the business world, but how can they help to improve claims handling?

Why Digital Coworkers are the Best Data Extraction Tools for UB-04 Forms

Much of the medical insurance industry relies on the CMS-1500 and UB-04 claim forms. Digital Coworkers are built with OCR and ICR capabilities, ensuring they are the best data extraction tool.

Data Extraction Software vs. Data Entry Outsourcing Companies

Depending on your company's needs, you may prefer to outsource processes to a BPO or a third-party administrator. However, new tools like cognitive process automation are also reliable solutions.

How the CMS-1500 Form Became the Industry Standard for Medical Claims

The CMS-1500 form is used almost universally for workers comp and healthcare claims processing. Why is standardization so important for medical claims submission, and how does CMS-1500 software help?

Why Automation is the Future of Open Enrollment in US Healthcare

Open enrollment for consumers often means more admin work for health insurers, but cognitive process automation and RPA vendors are ready to automate the data-heavy enrollment period.

Business Automation Heals Healthcare Insurance Claims

Due to the severity of the pandemic, many postponed healthcare procedures. Forecasting a large influx in claims processing channels, Cognitive Process Automation may save the insurance industry.

Cognitive Solutions in Business Efficiency and Performance

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, and Cognitive AI are buzzwords that business leaders cannot afford to ignore. In today's digital era, enterprises must draw out a crystal

Automation and Return on Investment

Making the decision to embark on a digital transformation, for a company of any size, is a considerable undertaking.If you are the driving force encouraging the transformation it is likely that you wi

Mergers & Acquisitions – the perfect environment for automation

We’re firm believers that automation can improve most data-heavy and laborious processes. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) may not be the first process you think of when considering a digital transform

AI bias – keeping bias out of the bots

IBM cite that there are 180 possible human biases. Each one of these will play a part in how and why we make certain decisions. We know that humans are integral to the creating, training and

Your RPA isn’t in the cloud? Here’s why it should be

In our pre-COVID world, business has changed and is continuing to change drastically and nearly too quickly to keep up with. What was initially supposed to be a few-week period to “flatten the curve”

The future of work will always need humans

Robots ‘coming to take our jobs’ has been a hot topic for many years. Automation is becoming more common in the workplace and bots are completing tasks that, previously, humans were doing manually. Ho