Accelerating Policy Submissions

Accelerating Policy Submissions

While underwriting group benefit and life policies is an art, the actual function of underwriting is historically driven by data extraction from financial documents and related information sources. This is a time-consuming process, and one that often leads to a decrease in conversions, disengaged underwriters, and a loss in profit. At Roots Automation, our Underwriting Assistant Digital Coworker is able to drastically increase underwriter effectiveness by requesting, sorting, reading, and comprehending documents on their behalf.

Life Insurance


Companies are expecting faster turnaround times than ever, and it's challenging even the most sophisticated insurance carriers. A Fortune 250 carrier approached Roots Automation with the need for a faster pre-underwriting experience. In this process, their team -- split between the U.S. and India -- was spending incredible amounts of time reading competitor booklets provided by prospective policyholders to determine whether or not it made sense to progress to underwriting.

Problem One

This pre-underwriting process consisted of 73 individuals extracting data from competitor booklets. This cost a substantial amount of funding, but also resulted in slower turnaround times to new customers.

Problem Two

Each booklet provided required between 33 and 43 data points to be extracted depending on the product line. Every product line across each carrier booklet had its own formatting. These unstructured documents made it impossible for traditional automation to be effective.

Problem Three

The team extracting this data had an accuracy rate of 85% and took 15 minutes on each document. As a Fortune 250 company, this creates a large backlog of countless booklets to go through.


Roots Automation provided a Digital Coworker to this carrier that emulated the intelligence of an Underwriting Assistant combined with the speed of automation. This Underwriting Assistant was implemented over the span of 4 weeks and came out of the box with the knowledge to read carrier booklets and related documentation.


The Digital Coworker was trained to straight-through process 95% of booklet data extractions. For the remaining 5%, the bot would ask the carrier's team a quick question to confirm data before finishing the transaction. While never delegating work to the workforce, it enabled the carrier to create the capacity of dozens of FTEs.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Customer feedback

We appreciate all of Roots Automation's efforts to automate a challenging initiative with 500,000+ transaction requests annually. Our internal Center of Excellence was able to get to production faster and more cost-effectively than what we originally planned.
Fortune 250 Life Insurance Carrier
Automation Leader

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