Helping a Company Grow

Helping a Company Grow

At Roots Automation, we believe every individual in an organization should be an asset. Unfortunately, too many employees are dedicated to monotonous, "necessary-evil" type work like general administration, data entry, etc. Not only is this work expensive to a company, but it's not engaging or meaningful work to the employee. This chain reaction causes disengagement and lower performance. Digital Coworkers are the blend of human intelligence and the automation speed, enabling you to re-skill and up-skill your team into profit-growing assets.

Insurance & Healthcare


As demand for expedient healthcare services increases, a healthcare & insurance clearinghouse approached Roots Automation. The company had a growing volume of medical claims, they were expanding into new territories, and simply hiring additional talent wasn't going to enable them to expand quickly. The current team was stretched as their expertise was needed in many places at once.

Problem One

Hiring more headcount was too costly and difficult at the scale needed.

Problem Two

Even if you hired additional staff, the time required to get the new staff competent and capable was many months long.

Problem Three

Most of the work hit the team at month-end, which meant "all hands" were required to get through the additional volumes. This also meant other work didn't get completed timely.


Roots Automation trained a Digital Coworker to read and interpret medical claim forms as well as matching medical notes. The pre-trained bot came off the shelf with proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines. This means the Digital Coworker could read, understand, and comprehend what it was reading on a claim form just like its human counterparts.


The organization saw an 80% reduction in manual efforts pertaining to processing claims. The financial value was in mitigating the need for additional headcount. The team also had the ability to automatically scale up the size of the virtual team as needed based on incoming volume so the company no longer had to borrow resources from other departments to assist the claims department.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Customer feedback

The Digital Coworkers Roots Automation provides work in conjunction with our Team to optimize our medical claims process. By leveraging these bots, it provides the simplicity and scalability necessary to deliver best-in-class productivity to our clients . Additionally, we value the insights from the Roots Automation Team about our processes, of which, we integrate into our continuous improvement plans for our business practices in order to provide industry leading solutions.
Kevin Mahoney
President & COO, Carisk Partners

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