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Digital Coworkers:
The latest and greatest in banking automation.

Whether your goal is to process more loans, improve customer satisfaction, or reduce the stress on your existing employees, Digital Coworkers can help.

How would you use your Financial Services Bot?


Digital Coworkers have the ability to prepare and review W-9s, organize financial statements, and even electronically file authorizations.

Some of our customers, like Block & Anchin, LLP, have deployed Digital Coworkers to mitigate the stress on their staff during the busiest peaks in tax season.

Loan Processing & Underwriting

From credit reviews to approval decisions to OFAC checking,
Digital Coworkers are up to 800% faster than humans, and over 99% accurate.

With a Digital Coworker streamlining simple loan processes, your team can focus on the development of lifetime relationships with your customers.


Accounts payable, accounts receivable, and even intercompany reconciliations are easily managed by your Bot. Digital Coworkers can even reduce losses due to fraudulent invoices.

No matter the industry, you can rely on your Digital Coworker to keep the books balanced.

Automate Anything

Loan Processing & Underwriting


Banking &

General Ledger Management

Application Submission & Review
Source of Wealth Check
Automatic Input
Application Verification
Sanctions Screening
Accounts Receivable
Copy to Relevant Ledgers
OFAC & Credit Reports
False Positive Screening
Lockbox Processing
Compare GL to Transactions
Loan Underwriting
False/Incorrect Invoices
Intercompany Reconciliations
Loan Administration
Invoice & SOW Matching
Liquidity Positioning
Financial Reports
Image of a man filling out a bank loan application for underwriting review.

Banking Automation

Just like a human, Digital Coworkers are equipped with cognitive abilities. Your Bot can read, think, respond and learn, all while working 4-8x the speed of their human counterparts.

There's not much room for error when money is involved. Your Digital Coworker will be faster than humans, but most importantly, they'll be more accurate, too.
  • Loan Application & Review
  • Automated Underwriting System
  • Underwriting Approvals & Declinations

General Finance Automation

‍General ledger management can be complex, but Digital Coworkers make it seem easy. Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, procurement, and even financial statements and reports -- your Digital Coworker can do them all.

With up to 99% accuracy, your Digital Coworker will strengthen your finance department.
  • Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Lockbox Processing & Procurement
  • General Ledger Management
Image of an accountant's calculator on a light yellow background.

Automated Tax Prep & Review

During tax season, you need a coworker that scales with you. When the workload increases, your Digital Coworker will self-multiply to get more done.

Depending on your organization's needs, your Digital Coworker can review tax filings or even perform an audit. Working up to 8x faster than humans, your Digital Coworker can help you get more done, more quickly.
  • First & Second Level Reviews
  • Financial Statement Organization
  • Extension Applications & E-file Authorizations

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