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Loan & Mortgage Automated Underwriting System

Smart bots. Happy people. Meet the Digital Coworker, your favorite teammate in digital form, ready to increase your quote-to-submit ratio with loan and mortgage underwriting automation.

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Self-learning & Adaptable.

Our Digital Coworkers don't just complete a recurring task like RPA, they also learn from the process, variables, and contextual cues just like a human. Provide complex problems and watch your Digital Coworker handle it on your behalf so your team can do what is most important.

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4-8X Your Productivity Levels.

With 4-8x the speed of manpower and a 95% straight-through processing rate, Digital Coworkers enable your team to spend more time on customer satisfaction, business development, and more strategic items. Our customers typically see a 250% ROI on each bot they use.

Conceptualized image of the Roots Automation Digital Coworker Bot looking for solutions with a magnifying glass.
Conceptualization of a Digital Coworker Bot on our Build Your Digital Coworker page.

No Implementation. No Hassle.

Traditional bots come with a major flaw: they require countless hours and dollars of implementation and constant management. Digital Coworkers by Roots Automation can simply VPN into your system. The bots handle the rest.


 Your Digital Coworker is an expert at underwriting new loans and mortgages.

Cognitive Process Automation is 8x faster than artistic loan underwriting.
Digital Coworkers can do it all, from application verification to OFAC checks, ensuring organization-wide compliance

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8x faster than artistic underwriting methods
Every loan is an express loan with a Digital Coworker on your team.
Calculate: Your ROI on loan automation
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Improving compliance and mitigating fraud
Digital Coworkers never skip steps, and they always check for fraudulent activity.
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Calculate the ROI of using a Roots Automation Digital Coworker

Conceptualization of a Digital Coworker Bot on our Build Your Digital Coworker page.

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Stress-free Setup

Our Digital Coworkers VPN into your systems, as a colleague would when working remotely. This means no complicated IT setup so your team can focus on broader initiatives.

Fast & Efficient

With Digital Coworker bots, we increase accuracy of data from 95% with humans to 99%+. In addition, our bots work 400% faster than people on average. To summarize, we drive profits.

Self-learning AI

Built with AI and trained to problem-solve for themselves, leaving you with a reliable team member working 24/7.

Safe & Secure

Everything Roots Automation does is in the cloud, fully secured by Microsoft Azure. We are compliant with every industry standard and always mitigate your risk along the way.

Realtime Management & Monitoring

Want to know what your digital coworkers are up to, just as you would your actual team? Our Cockpit tells you everything you need to know across accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

We Scale with You

Roots Automation was the brainchild of Fortune 500 automation experts, meaning everything is built for scale. Start with automating one process or jump in with 10 processes.


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