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Digital Coworkers heal healthcare's common painpoints.

Cognitive Process Automation helps avoid common healthcare challenges. Medical record organization, data processing, and patient onboarding can be fully automated, allowing administrators more time to support patients and staff.

What could your staff accomplish if they had a Digital Coworker?


Human Resources can still benefit from automating recruiting, onboarding, employee benefits and more.

When you deploy HR automation to support your office, your staff will have more resources to support your healthcare workers.


Patient data is sensitive and private, so it's important to consider security when you choose an automation company.

Digital Coworkers are in the cloud and fully secured by Microsoft Azure, and VPN into your network -- just like an employee.


The healthcare industry is associated with slow claims processes. But what if medical claims could be processed 8x faster?

With healthcare claims process automation, medical billing and records can be fully automated with +99% accuracy.

Automation in Healthcare




General Ledger Management

Employee Recruiting
Patient Data Entry
CMS-1500 Form Automation
Automatic Input
Employee Onboarding
Patient Data Management
Data Entry & Management
Copy to Relevant Ledgers
Company Benefits
Data Analysis
Document Review
Compare GL to Transactions
Help Desk
False/Incorrect Invoices
Document Organization
Intercompany Reconciliations
Shift Scheduling
Invoice & SOW Matching
General Communications
Financial Reports
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HR Automation in Healthcare

Administrators who have access to Digital Coworkers are able to spend less time with monotonous paperwork, and more time with employees.

This means higher employee satisfaction, higher patient satisfaction, and an well-run medical office. Employee benefits, work schedules, and even onboarding can be delegated to your Digital Coworker.
  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Benefits & Payroll
  • Employee Shift Scheduling

Medical Data Processing

In healthcare, patient data organization and analysis is one of the most important day-to-day processes. Traditionally, it's also been one of the most time-consuming.

With 4-8x the speed of a human and +99% accuracy, Digital Coworkers can handle the paperwork while your staff handles the patient care.
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling
  • Healthcare Data Management
  • Administrative Process Automation
Image of a hospital's admin front desk reception.
Image of a medical X-Ray of a broken collar bone.

Healthcare Claims Process Automation

Thanks to cognitive automation, Digital Coworkers can read and interpret medical claim forms, and even match medical notes.

The Bots are able to speed up the healthcare claims process internally, ensuring that patient care is received in a timely manner. With a Digital Coworker automating healthcare claims, your staff will have more time to focus on patients.
  • CMS-1500 Form Automation
  • Medical Billing & Records
  • Accounts Payable

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