Digital Coworkers deliver consistent results.

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Average 250% ROI and Breakeven in 6 Months.
Digital Coworkers generate profit quickly, and companies typically breakeven in 6 months or less.
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4-8X Your Productivity Levels.
Adding a Digital Coworker to your team is like instantly adding 4 to 8 full-time employees.
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No Implementation. No Hassle.
Our bots instant connect to your VPN. No manual or on-site integration required.
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Cognitive Process Automation:
Designed with Medical Insurance Card Verification
Automation in mind.

Digital Coworkers automate your highly repetitive healthcare workflows, freeing your team to focus on more engaging, meaningful, decision-making work.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
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Document Handling Automation
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Data Extraction Automation
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Identity Verification
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"The Digital Coworkers Roots Automation provides work in conjunction with our Team to optimize our medical claims process. By leveraging these bots, it provides the simplicity and scalability necessary to deliver best-in-class productivity to our clients. Additionally, we value the insights from the Roots Automation Team about our processes, of which, we integrate into our continuous improvement plans for our business practices in order to provide industry leading solutions."
Kevin Mahoney, President & COO, Carisk Partners
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We provide Digital Coworkers to:

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