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Close your claims up to 8x faster
with a Digital Coworker

Did you know?

According to Microsoft, 55% of consumers have higher customer service expectations year over year. The longer a company delays the claims process, the more likely a customer is to cancel their policy, even after receiving their payment – a double loss for the insurer.
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Digital Coworkers are an innovative claims solution, whereas RPA has limited use cases.

  • They find incomplete, unstructured, and missing data.
  • Digital Coworkers enter data into systems of record and contact claimants to acknowledge claims.
  • These bots even set reserves and make payments.

The Digital Coworker accomplishes all of this 4-8x faster than humans, and with a 99% straight-through processing rate.

There's higher human error when employees aren't engaged.

  • Studies show there's a 10% to 30% human error rate on manual processes
  • Claims leakage spirals out of control
  • Low employee engagement leads to high turnover

One delay affects the entire claims process workflow.

  • Slower claims processing frustrates management, employees, and policyholders
  • 83% of policyholders cancel when a claim is delayed
  • These delays affect your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Empower your team with their new favorite colleague:

The Digital Coworker


Instantly Access a Digital Coworker


Bots work harder during catastrophes

In 2020 alone, $95,000,000,000 in damage was attributed to natural disasters. As catastrophes continue to rise, so does the amount -- and the cost -- of insurance claims. Digital Coworkers can duplicate themselves to take on more work during periods of high demand, keeping efficiency high without extending your payroll.

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They use AI to read context clues

Just like humans, Digital Coworkers learn continuously. Unlike RPA, when your processes adjust, these bots use AI to evolve alongside your company. Your bot will deliver consistent results, even if the job description varies slightly.

Digital Coworkers learn the job in two weeks

Digital Coworkers typically require 4 weeks to train for your specific job, and then an additional two weeks to learn about your company and prepare for the role. You can deploy a Digital Coworker in the same time as it would take to recruit, hire, and train a new employee.

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What our customers say

The Digital Coworkers Roots Automation provides work in conjunction with our Team to optimize our medical claims process. By leveraging these bots, it provides the simplicity and scalability necessary to deliver best-in-class productivity to our clients. Additionally, we value the insights from the Roots Automation Team about our processes, of which, we integrate into our continuous improvement plans for our business practices in order to provide industry leading solutions.
Image of Kevin Mahoney, a Roots Automation customer.
Kevin Mahoney
President & COO, Carisk Partners
Everything happened fast, our digital coworker ‘Roxy’ was trained and ready on time as promised!  The team at Roots Automation have been a pleasure to work with! They’ve anticipated our questions and respond quickly to our asks and changes.
Image of Lea Lundquist, a Roots Automation customer.
Lea Lundquist
VP, Claims Administration, Protective Insurance
We appreciate all of Roots Automation's efforts to automate a challenging initiative with 500,000+ transaction requests annually. Our internal Center of Excellence was able to get to production faster and more cost-effectively than what we originally planned.
Profile Image of David Emmer, a Roots Automation customer.
David Emmer
CIO, Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP

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