Automatically extract
data from CMS-1500
medical claim forms

A $3.8 trillion industry runs on paper forms.

Did you know?

The $3.8 trillion health insurance industry runs nearly entirely on two paper-based claim forms: the CMS-1500 claim form, formerly known as the HCFA 1500, and the UB-04 claim form. These forms are responsible for the majority of the workers comp and medical insurance claims made each year.
Image of binders full of paper against a white background.

Healthcare technology improves every day, but claims handling hasn't. Insurance companies rely on CMS-1500 forms to process workers comp and health insurance claims, but face:

  • Poor quality scans
  • Missed checkboxes
  • Incomplete information
  • Illegible handwriting

Companies spend billions each year on third-party outsourcing companies and costly internal teams.

When forms look like this...

Information is tough to read

Image of a hard-to-read CMS-1500 form.

Data is not entered properly

Image of a CMS-1500 form where data is missing from the form.

Scans are skewed

Image of a CMS-1500 form that is crumpled from improper scanning.

Companies resort to...

Third-Party Outsourcing

While initially cost-effective, outsourcing to third-party claims handlers that pay low wages will lead to even more challenges.

  • As your company grows, so does your outsourcing bill
  • People get tired and quality suffers, with an estimated 10% margin of error
  • Claims processing times might lag due to workload backlog

Claims Assistants

In-house teams of Claims Assistants are incredibly expensive. While the quality tends to increase, costs increase as well.

  • Your payroll and growth will always scale at the same rate
  • Recruiting costs are high for this high-churn role
  • Claims are processed more slowly, which could result in penalties

You can cut your CMS-1500 processing costs by 50%, without adding to your payroll.


Instantly Access a Digital Coworker


Like humans, your Digital Coworkers will...

Read, think, and act as needed

While checkboxes and missing info may fool RPA, Digital Coworkers know how to read, think, and make assumptions. In the case of missing information, your Digital Coworker will leverage other data to triangulate on the right answer and finish the transaction without a hiccup.

Image of CMS-1500 form where the checkmarks are outside the appropriate box, making it difficult for RPA or OCR to pick up on.
Image of a CMS-1500 form where information is outside the correct box.

Securely decipher and extract sensitive data

Too many HCFA forms are submitted as pictures and take a great deal of intelligence to decipher. Our Digital Coworkers come with the knowledge required to read occluded and poor-quality text. Additionally, these bots are fully cloud-based for your security and data privacy needs.

Complete their training in days

A Digital Coworker doesn't require a massive technical implementation, so your IT department's budget and resources aren't necessary for implementation.

Your team can simply connect to our API, or we can leverage your system's user interface to enter CMS 1500 data -- so the Digital Coworker works exactly like the rest of your team.

Illustration of a robot interacting with a human by a computer, to represent the cognitive bots working alongside a human workforce.

What our customers say

The Digital Coworkers Roots Automation provides work in conjunction with our Team to optimize our medical claims process. By leveraging these bots, it provides the simplicity and scalability necessary to deliver best-in-class productivity to our clients. Additionally, we value the insights from the Roots Automation Team about our processes, of which, we integrate into our continuous improvement plans for our business practices in order to provide industry leading solutions.
Image of Kevin Mahoney, a Roots Automation customer.
Kevin Mahoney
President & COO, Carisk Partners
Everything happened fast, our digital coworker ‘Roxy’ was trained and ready on time as promised!  The team at Roots Automation have been a pleasure to work with! They’ve anticipated our questions and respond quickly to our asks and changes.
Image of Lea Lundquist, a Roots Automation customer.
Lea Lundquist
VP, Claims Administration, Protective Insurance
We appreciate all of Roots Automation's efforts to automate a challenging initiative with 500,000+ transaction requests annually. Our internal Center of Excellence was able to get to production faster and more cost-effectively than what we originally planned.
Profile Image of David Emmer, a Roots Automation customer.
David Emmer
CIO, Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP

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