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Iris streamlined a claims clearinghouse's workflow with fast, accurate data extraction - delivering results and a 256% ROI.

"Roots Automation works in conjunction with our team to optimize our medical claims process. They provide the simplicity and scalability necessary to deliver best-in-class productivity to our clients."
Kevin Mahoney, President & COO


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When it comes to bodily injury and medical claim forms, Iris has seen it all.

Even when information is tough to read...

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There's powerful, custom OCR technology at play.
Iris uses custom Optical Character Recognition, meaning that the technology Iris uses to read forms is trained specifically on CMS-1500 forms.

Even when data is not entered properly...

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Iris relies on Machine Learning to make inferences.
Just like a human, Iris makes inferences about the data to read forms with 98% accuracy. Missed checkboxes & information in the margin won't faze Iris.

Even when PDF scans are poor quality or skewed...

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Data is recognized thanks to Iris's specialty in CMS-1500 forms.
Iris is a specialized solution for extracting data from CMS-1500 forms. The platform was trained to read distorted medical claim forms.
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Iris was designed with claim forms in mind.

The insurance industry isn't limited to carriers only, and neither is Iris. Our SaaS platform is accessible for all, from claims departments to individual claims processors.

Who is Iris for?
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Iris is more than OCR.

A SaaS of all trades is a master of none. Iris is a medical claims specialist, trained on CMS-1500 forms to streamline claims processing in the insurance and healthcare industries.

What makes Iris special?

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