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The Iris platform provides users access to state-of-the-art document transcription and our interactive Scoring and Quality Analysis platform.  The platform is designed to best operate integrated into a programmatic document management process.  However, we do provide a manual upload option through the user interface for testing and small-batch purposes.

Incoming APIs

The following APIs are currently available for all customers:

Upload Document –  Form 1500
Uploads a single page CMS – Form 1500 image file of the type (png, jpg, jpeg, tif).  Images are uploaded to a specific project, which can be configured on send.

Example call: Upload Document – Form 1500


Content-Type : application/json


form – your single-page CMS Form 1500 image

details – JSON formatted string

  • account_id – integer – customer-level identifier
  • api_key – string – project-level authentication code
  • project_id – integer – project-level identification
  • document_id – string – (optional) – user defined field for tracking documents; typically using either a Unique Document ID or File Name

example JSON: {"account_id":28,"api_key":"YOURAPIKEY", "project_id":21, "document_id":"YourUniqueIDHere"}

Postman Example: Below is a screenshot from an example API call using the Postman API tool.

Note this embedded URL in the below screenshot:

  • 200 Response: JSON response upon successful completion of file upload


  "status": "processing",

  "workflowID": "08**********************00",

  "document_id": "YourDocumentID"


  • Sample Error Response


  "status": "failure",

  "workflowID": "08**********************00"



Incoming APIs:

Incoming APIs are authenticated using a combination of appropriate api_key, along with corresponding account_id, and project_id. Information for all keys can be found under the Project page and is accessible only by account administrators.

Outgoing APIs

Upload Document –  Form 1500
Upon finalization of a form extraction (inclusive of optional Scoring and QA phases), documents can be exported programmatically via API to an endpoint defined by an account administrator.

*Note: Endpoints are hosted not by Roots Automation, but by customers themselves and therefore the definition of those endpoints is entirely up to the owner/developer. Roots Automation does not provide technical support for systems outside of the Iris platform.

Opening Document Export configuration menu:

Click "Document export" to open.


URL– https URL where JSON definition of your form data will be sent

  • sample JSON payload:
  • <add payload>

Parameters – enter any additional URL parameters to be sent with request

Headers – enter any headers required by the receiving endpoint

Test – manually send a sample call to test configuration

  • This sends a ‘blank’ JSON definition in the payload to test incoming data format

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