Acceleprise announces 26 SaaS startups from its trio of accelerators

June 9, 2020

From TechCrunch / Alex Wilhelm
The TechCrunch crew has worked to keep tabs on this year’s startup accelerator classes. Conventional wisdom in startup land states that great companies are founded during more trying economic times. Well, a recession was declared yesterday by the National Bureau of Economic Research. We should, therefore, see some breakout startups in the next few years.

Which means it’s a good time to see what’s bubbling up. To that end, the TC team has spent time parsing the latest from startup-helpers like Y Combinator (here and here), 500 Startups (more here), Techstars (here and here), and Acceleprise, the group we’re focused on today.
Acceleprise is a startup accelerator — a company that helps groups of startups mature, grow and prepare to raise more capital; most accelerators provide some seed funds and office space — focused on the business-to-business, modern software startups. Or, what is usually called B2B SaaS.

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