Roots Automation Expands Leadership Team with VP of Sales Addition

November 3, 2020

Stephen M. Lowisz will be joining the Roots Automation team, bringing ten years of startup-building experience to help propel the growth of our proprietary Cognitive Process Automation solution.
To help fuel rising momentum and growth, the company has decided to add to our leadership team through the hiring of Stephen M. Lowisz, who will be operating as Vice President of Sales.

Given Stephen’s extensive background in enterprise technology sales, having worked with Fortune 500 firms down to startups, we undoubtedly feel that he’s the right fit to lead Roots Automation’s expansion efforts across multiple regions and industry verticals.

Lowisz will be the company’s first VP of Sales, a role that Co-founder and CEO Chaz Perera feels will support service delivery to current clients while also driving new business development efforts.

“We’re thrilled to have Stephen aboard during this exciting time in the company’s trajectory,” said Perera. “Having somebody dedicated to sharing the unique differentiators we provide will massively propel our effort to grow partnerships across the enterprise, greatly expanding the capabilities of those we engage with.”

Located in Detroit, MI, Stephen will also be expanding the geographical presence of Roots Automation by hiring a full-time team of world-class sales professionals and marketers in several key regions throughout the United States. Our goal is to evolve from an early-stage startup to the leading competitor in Cognitive Process Automation, and today we’re one step closer to achieving that goal.

“In a time of health crisis, rising costs, and uncertainty, Roots Automation is getting companies around the globe lean and mean. The efficacy and value of Digital Coworker bots have been proven repeatedly – it’s now time to scale.”
– Stephen M. Lowisz, Vice President of Sales.

About Stephen Lowisz - A Specialist in Disruptive Technology.

From working with teams at ESPN, Intuit, and Citrix down to Seed and Series-A funded startups, Stephen has had his hands in disruptive technology for a decade. As a specialist in outbound sales, he has the background to take Roots Automation to enterprise clients at scale.

When he’s not dissecting sales processes and technology, Stephen and his wife, Rachel, are preparing for their first child. When Stephen can carve out some personal time, he enjoys training in mixed martial arts. We’re pleased to welcome the Lowisz family into our own at Roots Automation.

We look forward to using the remainder of 2020 to prepare for a massive growth blitz in 2021 lead by our new VP of Sales, Stephen Lowisz.