Roots Automation Raises $3.2M to Make Bots Your Digital Coworkers at Scale

November 13, 2020

The most agile and innovative companies will rely on AI-powered digital “coworkers” alongside creative humans to enhance productivity and increase profits. Roots Automation has built the first zero integration, self-learning Digital Coworker (pre-trained bot) that can perform a variety of common tasks found in Insurance, Healthcare, and Financial Services roles. Through interactions with human counterparts, the pre-programmed bots increase their capabilities and become more efficient, better at understanding the business, and eventually have the capacity to offset the work of four to eight individuals on average per bot. For example, an insurance company struggling with human errors in auditing incorporated Roots Automation Digital Coworker to automate bank pulls, financial data review, and identify mismatches in bank records, resulting in an 80% of improvement in cycle time to finish the reconciliation process.