Our Story

Roots Automation is bringing the concept of Digital Coworkers to the marketplace, powered by Cognitive Process Automation. With the support of cognitive AI and developed by former AIG and Mars executives, these bots increase the efficiency of financial services, insurance, and healthcare organizations and typically return a 250% ROI.

With the capability to think, read, and intuit like a human, Digital Coworkers enable the workforce to become more strategic and effective while fully automating operational, financial, and related processes. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, AI automation is now available to everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower companies to free their ‘roots’ - their people - to focus on meaningful, impactful work.

Roots Automation provides Digital Coworkers as a Service for companies of all sizes to support daily operations, reduce time spent on low-value tasks, and free up employee time to focus on customers and growth opportunities.

Traditional RPA can cost over $2 million per year to get set up and maintain, but our unique Cognitive Process Automation platform means you get customized Digital Coworkers at a fraction of this cost.

New to bots? No problem. We have in-house experts to walk you through the whole process and help train your Digital Coworkers perfectly for the job. And, even better, your Digital Coworker is ready to perform in as little as six weeks - no more seven month wait times for technology ‘onboarding.’

When you partner with Roots Automation, you get the benefits usually only reserved for enterprises with multi-million dollar budgets: control, scalability, and customized Digital Coworkers. Our customers usually see their investment pay itself back in five months and see a lifetime ROI of over 250 percent.

Roots Automation is based in New York City and provides services to companies across the United States, the UK and Canada.

Chaz Perera

Co-Founder & CEO

As Roots Automation’s CEO, Chaz is responsible for business development, finance, and customer success.

In his nearly 20 year career since graduating from Villanova University, Chaz has launched new products, grown global businesses, and helped companies save money by leveraging data science, robotics, and AI.

He’s led teams with thousands of employees, at one point leading a team of 7,000 people across 50 countries. Before founding Roots Automation, Chaz was the Chief Transformation Officer and Head of Global Business Services for AIG, Inc.
Outside of work, Chaz sits on the board of Habitat for Humanity NYC.

Image of Chaz Perera against a blurred background with a white 2021 Forbes Business Council badge.
Profile photo of Roots Automation founder, John Cottongim, the CTO who build the Cognitive Bots.

John Cottongim

Co-Founder & CTO

As CTO,  John is responsible for product development and customer implementation at Roots Automation.

Before Roots Automation,  John led the Enterprise Automation Hub of Mars, Inc. and had a 15+ year career in large-scale global transformation programs. He’s also helped two Fortune 500 companies build cognitive automation programs and scaled out the companies’ process automation capabilities.

John sits on the IQPC Bot Board for Intelligent Automation where he continues to push for scalable automation.

He has a BS from Villanova University, an MBA from NYU, is a CFA, and earned certifications in both LEAN and SCRUM.

Profile photo of Roots Automation founder, John Cottongim, the CTO who build the Cognitive Bots.

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