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Digital Coworkers: Building a Foundation for Customer Success

In a world of rising unit costs and diminishing margins, it's imperative you find smart, strategic solutions for your customer. When you introduce Digital Coworkers, you're presenting an intelligent, infinitely scalable workforce comprised of AI-powered Bots who can read, understand, learn, and even make decisions. Your customer's CFO will love the margins, the COO will love the efficiency, and the CEO will love the scalability.

The Ideal Partnership

We take our partnerships seriously. First, we'll align on our mutual values and goals during our initial conversation. Once we become partners, Roots Automation is committed to showcasing your value to your customers. We'll create a go-to-market strategy together, and provide everything you need to ensure your success.


You bring years of experience and strategy, and we provide scalable workforce augmentation. Together, we bring an unprecedented value to Insurance, Financial Services, and Healthcare customers.


Combine cognitive capabilities to your technology with on-demand Digital Coworkers. These Bots are able to service your customers with reading, thinking, and decision-making abilities while we reap the rewards together.


Digital Coworkers understand what is on the screen and have the intuition to navigate any software. They enable you to integrate any number of platforms into one seamless experience, without skipping a beat.
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Break Through the Noise

You bring value to your customers, but you have a lot of competition. Break through the noise of an oversaturated market by offering something unique: cognitive automation. With the power of Machine Learning, you'll have the distinct ability to offer an accessible automation solution to companies of all sizes.

Surpass mouse clicks, keystrokes, and the limitations of APIs. Bring intelligent Bots into the fold and impress your customer with capabilities they have never seen before.

Low Barrier to Entry

Your customers may associate automation with lengthy implementations, high costs, and long periods to break even. When you introduce a Digital Coworker, you're offering an intelligent workforce for the same cost as that of a single employee.

Bringing a Digital Coworker to your customer for under 6 figures, with a break-even in 5 months, and full deployment in just 4-6 weeks sets the frame for a lifetime customer.
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The Perfect Partnership

When you partner with Roots Automation, our sales and marketing team provides industry education, co-branded content, and collateral to ensure you have your customers' attention.

Leverage the expertise and resources of our leadership to present Digital Coworkers and the vast capabilities of cognitive automation. As a true partner, we'll ensure you have everything that you need to provide value to your customer and success for your team.

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