Protecting your data is a priority

We take data security seriously and protecting your data is a core priority. Your data belongs to you, not to us, and we will treat it that way. The team behind Roots Automation spent many years working with and handling sensitive business and personal data for top companies in the finance, consumer-packaged goods and insurance industries.

How our team handles data security

Each team member undergoes comprehensive training on data security protocols. Only a limited number of staff members can access customer data. Our support staff will not look at your data unless you request assistance. All information, data and documents exchanged with our support staff is treated as confidential and will not be disclosed.

Your data belongs to you

We understand how important your and your customers' data is to you. It’s important that your infrastructure is designed to protect it. That’s why everything Roots Automation does is fully secured using our Microsoft Azure cloud-based platform. Your Digital Coworker will connect via API, VPN, or site-to-site with your systems and infrastructure. ​

Your Digital Coworker is compliant with industry standard security and data privacy protocols.  Roots Automation has a SOC 2 Type 2, and we are compliant to HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and NYC500RR standards to protect and use PFI, PHI, and PII. ​

You can learn more about our Data Privacy standards and policy here.

Our infrastructure

Our services run on Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon's AWS cloud platforms. We do not run any on-premise routers, load-balancers, DNS servers, or physical servers. Our infrastructure is spread across at least two data centers based in the United States and will continue to work in the event of the complete failure of an underlying data center. Our servers are updated on a regular basis to ensure we have the latest software and security patches installed. Roots Automation’s databases have both high availability and backup mechanisms.

Data encryption

We use end-to-end bank level encryption. Additional protections are layered together whenever we send or retrieve data from your systems or from the Roots Cockpit, the communication is always secured through HTTPS encryption. Next to encrypting data in transit, we also encrypt all data at rest. Our databases, as well as all stored data and documents, are encrypted from the moment we receive your data until deleted. Your login details are one-way hashed using a strong hashing algorithm. Not even our staff can see or access your password.

Service levels

We have uptime of 99.9% or higher.

Security audits

Roots Automation is tested for security issues on a regular basis by independent security researchers. In pursuit of the best possible security for our service, we welcome responsible disclosure of any vulnerability found in Roots Automation (