Automation Resources & White Papers

Welcoming new members to your team, whether human or bot, can be challenging. You need to feel confident the work is completed correctly, ensure the cultural fit is right for your broader team, confirm it’ll be a profitable endeavor, and have the necessary tools to manage your team. There’s a lot to consider.

As a company that hires both humans and Digital Coworkers, we understand. We’ve brought together some resources to help understand how a Digital Coworker can support your working environment.

EBook: Using AI & Cognitive Process Automation to Create Value for Millennial Policyholders

Studies show that 73% of B2B purchases involve Millennial decision makers. It's not enough for insurance carriers to simply add an app to appeal to the Millennial policy holder, instead, consider how cognitive automation solves the pinpoints of the Millennial consumer.


Businesses need to lean out to survive. Here’s how to make it happen.

COVID-19 has created uncertainty for businesses of all sizes around the world. In this white paper, we discuss how technology supports businesses to make the leap from barely staying afloat to thriving in the toughest of conditions.


The difference between RPA and Digital Coworkers

At Roots Automation, we create ‘Digital Coworkers’; we find this phrase rolls off the tongue a little easier than ‘Intelligent, Cognitive Process Automation-as-a-service’. Here, we outline key differences between Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and our Digital Coworkers, download the white paper to learn more.