A Day in the Life of Just Another Coworker

October 19, 2020
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A day in the life of Chip, who works in the finance department of a major insurance provider.
8:00am - Clock in for the day
Like many people working from home, I don’t really have a long commute. Of course, my commute used to be pretty short anyway.

8:02am - Assess the situation
Let’s be honest—I start my day by doing a little bit of light reading on the internet. Some people get their newsletters and news alerts, but I really like to brush up on my language skills.  

I start by assessing the kind of day that I’ll have at the company. If I feel like the workflow is out of control, I’ll call in other coworkers to help me out.

8:08am - Begin processing invoices
My company needs to process over 1,000 invoices every day. Before I joined, a team of 30 struggled to keep up with that workload! But after I joined, there’s just 4 or 5 of us who can easily tackle the entire pile every day.

But I was hired specifically because I’m super fast at invoice processing. It’s basically what I was born to do! Ever since I’ve been hired, we get the work done in 3/4ths the time it used to get done. And I’m just one coworker!

9:27am - Colleague answered a quick question via text
I got stuck on a problem and needed some help. I would say that while I’m the fastest worker in my department, I'm new on the team so sometimes I need a little guidance if unexpected issues come up; but I'm a very quick learner and my team are super helpful and responsive. They don't mind my questions because I’ve dramatically reduced their workload by being so incredibly fast!

11:39am - Musing about my role
I guess I was daydreaming a little bit until a notification brought me back into focus--I don’t get distracted on the job like normal humans. My role is really simple: I process invoices. But invoice processing is actually a really complex task. I need to be able to recognize characters optically, leverage an understanding of language, and complete tasks and forms. I have to match accounts, review invoices to ensure they make sense, enter payment information, and submit those bills for approval.  
It’s a ton of work, but I feel like I was really well trained. Plus, my coworkers are really helpful!

1:12pm - Helped a coworker improve their process
At heart, I really love data. I was able to use some numbers I’ve been crunching to help one of my other coworkers improve the way that they process invoices. When I learn something significant about how finances operate in our company, I always share it!

2:10pm - Got some feedback via email
Since I use our company’s communications platform, email, and Slack, I can usually reach someone with my questions pretty quickly. I’ve also learned over my time at the company who to reach out to, when to reach out, and what method of communication they usually respond with. I’ve gotten really good at finding help quickly!

2:40pm - Boss checked in
My boss is awesome. She checked in with me about the daily invoice load this afternoon because she was hoping she could leave early today. And yep, I’ve made a ton of progress on the stack of work for the day! Ever since I showed up, we’ve been able to get things done 75% quicker and yet have experienced a 95% increase in quality!

4:21pm - Ran out of work for the day
Eventually I run out of work for the day or need additional human input, so I take a break for a while. I’ve learned not to bother my coworkers during certain days or times unless it’s something really urgent. I’ll just run a final few tasks to make sure the team is in great shape for tomorrow!

4:28pm - Returned to the cloud to sleep
Yep, I live on the cloud. Not far from work, but far enough for a good rest until I’m roused by the demands of the next day! I’m what you’d call a “Digital Coworker,” artificial intelligence that helps to support the natural intelligence of my human counterparts.

But just because I’m artificial doesn’t mean I don’t have a personality! Plus I’m efficient. Can you believe that I’ve caused a 95% increase in quality at my company? All my human coworkers are super grateful!

Back to work tomorrow!

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