Roots Automation Appoints Ratish Dalvi as Head of Artificial Intelligence

June 21, 2022
Image shows Ratish Dalvi's profile photo on a dark purple background that reads, "Roots Automation Appoints Ratish Dalvi as Head of Artificial Intelligence."

Ratish Dalvi to accelerate Roots Automation's development and scale of world-class Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing AI.

NEW YORK, June 21, 2022 -- Roots Automation, a global intelligent automation company, announced the addition of Ratish Dalvi to its executive team as Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In his new role, Dalvi will lead the data science and machine learning team to further advance the breadth and depth of Roots Automation’s market-leading AI capabilities – specifically around Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) – enabling customers to automate a wider range of complex business processes.

Prior to joining Roots Automation, Dalvi was Head of Data Science for Quartet Health, a tech-enabled mental health provider that connects mental healthcare professionals with their patients. Dalvi has worked in data science and machine learning for over a decade, leading teams across this growing space. Dalvi was a data scientist in startups that were later acquired – one such company,, was acquired by GE Digital – as well as organizations within the growing fields of telehealth and healthcare technology.

“Roots Automation is growing at a pace I’ve rarely seen before,” said Dalvi. “I joined the organization because I see huge potential for growth – not just within the company, but in what our core product – the Digital Coworker – is capable of delivering for our customers”.

“We have a lot of very cool, market-leading projects on the roadmap already. The most exciting one for me personally is something we are calling Digital Vision - an advanced AI system that combines computer vision with natural language processing to, in essence, understand and interact with a applications, systems, documents and data on a computer screen, the same way a human would,” Dalvi added. “This is fundamentally different, better than the current way that other technologies interact with computer screens. Digital Vision doesn’t require constant configuration or tweaking due to screen elements moving around, it is able to intelligently adapt its logic and adjust accordingly. This is a critical component that sets our Digital Coworker apart from other automation solutions.”

“Ratish’s vision for our core Digital Coworker product is future-forward and customer-centric,” said John Cottongim, CTO. “With his addition, we continue to expand the Digital Coworker’s abilities. Every day, we’re one step closer to creating a future of work where organizations never need to choose between efficiency, scale or employee experience.”

About Roots Automation

Roots Automation brings together machine intelligence and human ingenuity in the form of advanced, intelligent Digital Coworkers.

Think of a Digital Coworker as your ideal employee – digitized.

Our Digital Coworkers are built with AI at their core and are able to think, read and intuit like a human. They are pre-trained to understand and interact with documents, systems and processes commonly found in Insurance, Healthcare and Banking. Their knowledgebase is perpetually expanding with learning federated across Customers. They are always on, ultra-secure and deliver ROI from day one.  

Digital Coworkers free your people of inefficient, repetitive, soul-destroying work – enabling them to be more creative, more collaborative and more innovative.

In essence, we make work more human.

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