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Harness the power of AI & unleash your flow

Train, deploy and manage a team of Autonomous Digital Coworkers using Natural Language


Eliminate technical barriers and give your people the tools to make work more human.

  • Unleash Your Flow
  • Day 1 Productivity
  • AI-as-a-Service

Automate away the mundane, at the speed of thought

  • Leverages our unique language-to-action AI model to receive instruction through text or speech, then able to generate detailed task ‘Flows’ that a Digital Coworker runs.
  • Comes with a pre-configured suite of technologies needed to build a stable, robust, AI-powered digital workforce in one place.
  • Turn ideas into actions, fast. No need for coding or configuration.

Unleash a team of AI-powered Digital Coworkers tomorrow

  • Digital Coworkers leverage advanced AI to read, think and intuit like a person. They are pre-trained to understand and interact with business applications, documents and data found across Insurance.
  • Managed within a unified portal, Digital Coworkers can be trained and deployed in minutes. Additionally, Digital Coworkers can be scaled up and down dynamically, in line with peaks and troughs in demand.
  • Your new digital workforce is infinitely scalable, available 24/7, ultra-secure and are productive the day they are turned on.

AI-as-a-Service - trained, packaged and delivered

  • The Roots Autonomous Workforce Platform simplifies your AI journey by offering advanced AI models configured to work out of the box.
  • Leveraging a large ensemble of AI models and tools, Digital Coworkers running on the Platform, are able to achieve human-like decision-making in areas such as claims and underwriting.
  • Overcome the technical and financial burden of building accurate, efficient and observable AI. Eliminate IT overhead or the need for large-scale digital transformation programs to effectively adopt and deploy AI across your organization.

Key features

Describe your goal to auto-generate a flow that a Digital Coworker will run now or on a schedule.

  • Natural Language Instruction
  • Advanced Reasoning
  • Document Recognition
  • Screen Object Detection
  • Workforce Management
  • Enterprise Security

The cognitive engine powering the Platform is built on the largest repository of annotated and tagged Insurance data which is continually growing and improving through human-in-the-loop interactions.

Leverages Roots’ proprietary computer vision models and generative AI - including our industry-leading InsurGPTTM - to ingest, analyze, classify and process structured and unstructured insurance documents.

Can recognize and interact with any object in a web browser or desktop application without configuration or training. Seamlessly integrates with any cloud or on-premise business applications including old green screen, thick client, and virtualized apps.

A unified autonomous workforce management portal to schedule Digital Coworkers, manage throughput thresholds, monitor volumes and report on outcomes across all Flows.

Built for enterprise, the Platform is SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified, and compliant to HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and 23 NYCRR 500 standards.

No task too small, or too large

Designed specifically for insurance, the Roots Autonomous Workforce Platform integrates seamlessly with any enterprise application, unlocking a world of potential across your organization


Setup a new Claim for all emails to a central mailbox


Show me the highest risk item across all new Contracts

Google Sheets

Extract claim data for any Lost Time claim from these loss runs

Duck Creek

Setup claim in Duck Creek and save the FNOL documents in OnBase


Process all midterm endorsements that come to this email inbox


Read this email and check to see if it is an existing claim or a new claim

Submission Portal

Extract broker submissions into our rater and policy admin systems


Index my daily mail to my claim files

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