Taking People from Processors to Problem-Solvers

What We Do

At Roots we use robots to complete your company’s boring and repetitive tasks so that your team members can focus on communicating with your customers, solving challenging problems, and helping you grow your business


Free Up People’s Time, Free Up Financial Capital

Use our library of robots to complete your medium and low complexity tasks. They are reliable, easily trained, and they don’t take breaks.


Digitize Your Operations

Use our management cockpit to review your operations, interact with and instruct your virtual workers (i.e., the robots), and explore opportunities to continue improving your processes.


Do More With Less

Our robots are unique. They interact with your team to resolve exceptions to a process in real-time.


Take Advantage Of Our Full Service Offering

We provide you with robot workers, a full suite of technology that makes the robots work at their VERY BEST, we do everything in the cloud, and best of all…

…You pay by the TASK

This means you can scale your operations at the click of a button as your business grows.