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ROI within
6 months


accuracy achieved


reduction in
cycle time

A One-stop-shop for Document Automation

Document Vision offers pre-trained Machine Learning, OCR and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ingest, classify, analyze and process business documents while also applying common sense business logic/rules.

Delivering Real Benefits

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost by processing more documents faster, with greater accuracy

Up to 80% reduction in manual effort for a large global insurance organization.

Release Value

Pre-built solution that connects seamlessly into your existing workflow

256% ROI within 6 months for a US insurer.

Improve Work

Eliminate the mundane, manual part of people’s work that slows them down and produces errors.

A global Financial Services firm was able to drive $1.3m in capacity improvements (98% reduction in processing cycles).

Designed for the Modern Enterprise

Exponential Intelligence

Leverage a deep corpus of knowledge, data and Machine plus Human experience – contained within our Proprietary Cognitive Engine – shared across our entire network of customers

Integrated Workflow

Integrate Document Vision seamlessly into your existing workflow, connecting via a simple API integration or as part of an automated process.

Avoid the Cold Start Problem

Each Digital Coworker comes pre-trained with knowledge of documents and processes, enabling them to be operational from day 1. Typically driving 250% ROI for our Customers.

Built for Scale

Whether you are processing 10 or 10m documents, Document Vision remains efficient, stable and accurate.

Secure by Design

Document Vision provides configurable security features and is ISO27001, SOC II and HIPAA compliant - secured to the same level as the leading enterprises.


Exceptions are managed simply and easily within the platform. When exceptions are resolved – our entire network of customers benefits from this learning. Better accuracy across a broader range of documents.

Automate Your Documents Today

The Document Vision platform offers several pre-built, pre-trained document processing solutions as well as the ability to setup and read custom documents.

Pre-Built Solutions

Healthcare forms such as the CMS/HCFA 1500 and the UB-04

Insurance Documents – quotes, binders, policies

Medical Cards – Insurance, Pharmacy

Emails – FNOL (First Notice of Loss), Claims Setup

Custom Documents

Custom Documents can be configured into the platform on-demand

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