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Built by insurance operators, for insurance operators

InsurGPTTM leverages proprietary, fine-tuned Large Language Models (LLMs) to read and accurately extract data, held within structured and unstructured documents, such as:

  • ACORD forms
  • Medical claim forms
  • Insurance submissions
  • Loss Runs
  • Quotes
  • First notice of loss (FNOL)
  • First report of injury (FROI)
  • Demand letters and packages
  • Customer/agent correspondence
  • ...and many more.
Critical to the development of InsurGPTTM was the fundamental belief that general large language models have not been trained on insurance data, nor do they consider the security, data privacy or heavily regulated nature of the insurance space.

InsurGPTTM is the only generative AI model tailored to solving the unstructured data challenges specific to the Insurance market.

Watch a brief demo of insurgptTM in action

Benefits of InsurGPTTM

Above Human-Level Accuracy

95% accuracy scores* when extracting data from insurance documents.

InsurGPTTM has been fine-tuned to understand document and data type, business context, and process knowledge to ensure outputs are always accurate.

* Other general GPT models only achieved around 40% accuracy on the same tasks

Truly Intelligent Automation

Remove the need for templates and heavy OCR configuration to automate unstructured documents.

InsurGPTTM reads insurance documents like a human and produces accurate results fast and at scale.

Built for Insurance

InsurGPTTM is fine-tuned by insurance experts, ensuring results are always reliable and contextually correct.

InsurGPTTM is trained on a deep corpus of Insurance-specific data and documents alongside systems and process knowledge.

Accelerate AI Adoption

Access an out-of-the-box solution with little to no training on your data sets.

InsurGPTTM dramatically speeds up the adoption of AI by removing the need for expensive data science and engineering.

Enterprise Grade Security

SOC2-Type 2, ISO27001, CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and NYCRR 500 compliant.

InsurGPTTM is natively embedded into our Digital Coworkers, and designed to operate in complex, regulatory environments.

Exponential Knowledge

Leverage an ever-evolving knowledge base and a continually expanding library of use cases.

InsurGPTTM is constantly learning and improving through each human interaction at a pace you alone can’t build

Delivering Real customer success

InsurGPTTM - exclusively available to Roots Automation Customers - is delivering real benefits.


A national Third-Party Claims Administrator (TPA) sought to standardize claim setup and document handling processes while servicing the varying needs of carrier partners and customers.


Traditional hard-coded rules, decision logic, and templates failed to effectively factor for document complexity and the idiosyncrasies of carrier partner/customer special account instructions.


InsurGPTTM allowed the TPA to work with non-standard instructions and documents within the FNOL process, resulting in greater accuracy without requiring a change to the underlying process.

A One-stop-shop for Document PROCESSING

InsurGPTTM offers a modern solution to ingest, classify, analyze and process structured and unstructured documents, with several pre-built, pre-trained document processing solutions as well as the ability to setup and read custom documents.

Example use cases for insurgpttm

42% of companies are making significant investments into GPT technology in order to:

Improve Submission-to-Quote ratio (increase revenue)

Process large volumes of unstructured data held within Commercial submissions, then pass structured data into your raters and underwriting systems so that your Underwriters can produce quotes faster and more frequently.

Find potential coverage gaps
(reduce premium leakage)

Identify and surface potential coverage underrepresentation contained in email correspondence, to ensure you are properly pricing a policy.

Setup claims faster
(improve customer experience)

Accurately analyze and output succinct summaries to your claims adjusters and systems, to keep your customers and claimants up to date without burdening your adjusters.

Increase response times
(remove inefficiences)

Identify and alert adjusters to time-limited demands contained within any large-volume correspondence, improving speed to evaluation and negotiation.


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