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Your Ideal Employee, Digitized

Able to read, think and intuit just like people, our Digital Coworkers come pre-packed with knowledge, skills and capabilities to process documents, automate business processes and collaborate with your human workforce.


Growing Knowledge & Expertise

Continually evolves knowledge through interactions with process, data, and documents - federated across customers.

Using A System Sight Unseen

Able to identify screen elements and interact with your IT systems and applications without any formal training.

Problem-Solving With People

Leverages our proprietary InsurGPTTM to manage exceptions with people, using natural language.

Receiving Coaching

Allow your employees to perform fit-gap training in real-time, using natural language.


Digital Coworkers operate 24/7, 365 days a week. They don’t take holidays. They don’t get sick. They just love to work!


Born in the cloud and delivered as-a-service, optimized for efficiency and maximum security.

Digital Coworkers are designed to be Cloud Native and AI-first, ensuring maximum security, up-time and future-proofed for what’s to come.


Remove the cost and burden of building everything you need to do automation properly.

Digital Coworkers run on a simple subscription model which scales up and down inline with your demand.


Improves knowledge and understanding of your business overtime and with use.

Digital Coworkers love to interact with people. The more coaching they get, the better they are at understanding your business.


All of the key capabilities needed to effectively manage work, integrated and ready to use.

1. The Cognitive Engine

A continually learning and evolving AI system that improves with throughput and customer interactions.

​Key Features

  • A deep corpus of Insurance-specific data, document, system and process knowledge;
  • Captures transactional and meta-data through interactions with people, continually improving knowledge;
  • Houses our proprietary InsurGPTTM AI model - a large language model (LLM) created specifically for insurance;
  • Learning is Federated across our entire customer network – exponentially improving the Digital Coworkers’ ability to understand and execute work.

2. Digital Vision​

An AI-based system that can dynamically identify and interact with objects on a computer screen.​

​Key Features

  • Recognize screen objects – such as buttons, icons, form fields, field names - dynamically, without instruction (should a screen object change, the Digital Coworker will find it without needing its core logic updated);
  • Able to interact with screen objects intelligently based on context, labels or field types;
  • Avoids the slow and brittle problems that plague traditional automation, dynamically responds with new screen designs or layouts with zero changes to the configuration​.

3. Document Vision​

Detects, classifies and understands data in structured and semi-structured business documents ​

​Key Features

  • Leverages our proprietary InsurGPTTM to read an extensive range of standard and custom document types – spanning PDF, email, ID card, Excel, Word and many more docs​;
  • Intelligent Document Processing (enhanced with our Cognitive Engine) enables 95% accuracy​;
  • Leverages advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to collaborate and communicate with people around document exceptions.

4. Management & Reporting

The cockpit to your Digital Workforce. Provides operational and transactional performance data for each of your Digital Coworkers. Enables you to schedule, monitor and collaborate with your Digital Workforce.​

​Key Features

  • A simple, user-friendly interface to manage, track, schedule & improve Human & Digital Coworker performance​​;
  • Real-time data analytics and operational reporting around work volume, exceptions, straight-through processing, handling time, hours saved, tracking against KPIs and capacity created​;
  • Workflow and work assignment monitoring – between human and Digital Coworkers​.

5. Enterprise Grade Automation​

Built with AI that is capable of reading screens, documents and data like a human, a Digital Coworker can transact processes and tasks end-to-end without training or development.​

​Key Features

  • Leverages a library of integrations​;
  • Able to upload, download, validate and move data via API, EDI or the user interface directly​;
  • User configurable rules engine, enabling live updates to the Digital Coworker without requiring technical support or downtime​;
  • Can execute processes 24x7, 365 days a year​;
  • Can be componentized to connect into your existing workflows or eco-systems​.

6. Collaboration & Communication​

Embedded human intervention tools to coach the Digital Coworker in real-time to resolve an exception. Once resolved, forever resolved.​

​Key Features

  • Utilizes natural language communication channels between Digital & human Coworkers – customers can interact with the Digital Coworker to resolution – proactively (i.e. the human intervenes before the issue) or reactively (i.e. the human is notified of an issue)​;
  • Exceptions and issues are resolved using a simple user interface in which the Customer ‘coaches’ the Digital Coworker with clicks, screen grabs and natural language prompts​;
  • Next best actions are also suggested to the human, based on predictions and answers from the Cognitive Engine’s knowledge base​;
  • Multi-channel communication options available – including chat, messaging platforms and interactive webforms​.

7. Security & Compliance​

The core infrastructure that Digital Coworkers run is secured to the same level as major cloud providers, and your own team's administration policies and rules.

Our Digital Coworkers are auditable and compliant with critical industry standards that your infosec people care about:

  • SOC2 – Type 2
  • ISO27001
  • CCPA
  • 23 NYCRR 500
  • GDPR


In addition to the core capabilities, Digital Coworkers come packed with a bunch of unique features

No-code Platform

Cloud Native, AI-first architecture


Subscription-based pricing

Multi-channel communication tools

Proprietary models, algorithms & apps

Self-learning & adaptable

Real-time analytics

Intelligent work-load balancing

Supercharge Claims and Underwriting

Swipe right to meet your new AI-Powered Digital Coworker

Stuart - Digital Underwriting Assistant

Able to review applications and support quote through to bind – enabling your underwriting team to confidently underwrite policies, faster.​

  • Improve quote-to-bind ratio
  • Reduce underwriting losses
  • Extract more data from broker submissions
Meet Your New Digital Underwriting Assistant

Machine Intelligence + Human Ingenuity

By bringing together technology, data, machine intelligence & human ingenuity, our Customers realize significant value, fast.

Increase Capacity

Expand your human workforce up to 90% with trained Digital Coworkers. Better manage fluctuating peaks and troughs in demand. Avoid burnout.

Reduce Cost

Process more work, faster, with greater accuracy. No need to build Centres of Excellence or significant internal capability to manage your Digital Workforce.

Rapid ROI

Each Digital Coworker comes pre-trained with knowledge of documents and processes, enabling them to be operational from day 1. Typically driving 250% ROI for our Customers.

Adopt AI Faster

Our AI models and algorithms are configured to work out of the box, built on a deep repository of tagged system and document data. No need for expensive data, IT or infrastructure investments.

Avoid Disruption

Digital Coworkers plug into your existing ways of working, minimizing disruption and risk associated with extensive change programs

Improve Work

Eliminate the mundane, manual part of people’s work that typically slows them down, produces errors and causes burnout.


Our Customers see Digital Coworkers as important members of their team

“The Digital Coworkers Roots Automation provides work in conjunction with our Team to optimize our medical claims process. Our Digital Coworkers provide the simplicity and scalability necessary to deliver best-in-class productivity to our clients. Additionally, we value the insights from the Roots Automation Team about our processes, of which, we integrate into our continuous improvement plans for our business practices in order to provide industry leading solutions.”
Kevin Mahoney
President & COO, Carisk Partners
“Everything happened fast, our digital coworker ‘Roxy’ was trained and ready on time as promised! The team at Roots Automation have been a pleasure to work with! They’ve anticipated our questions and respond quickly to our asks and changes.”
Lea Lundquist
VP, Claims Administration, Protective Insurance
“We appreciate all of Roots Automation's efforts to automate a challenging initiative with 500,000+ transaction requests annually. Our internal Center of Excellence was able to get to production faster and more cost-effectively than what we originally planned.”
David Emmer
CIO, Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP
"Insurance companies have a desperate need to automate many business processes for efficiency, but current solutions are limited to rule-based tasks and aren’t insurance industry-specific, limiting their potential, Digital Coworkers lessen our stress over finding and retaining talent, and unburden our teams so they can focus on more impactful work. Roots Automation’s unique approach to automation has improved our employee retention while offering superior economics and enhanced customer experience".
Cathy Raitter
VP of Insurance Support Services, Berkshire Hathaway Guard President
"Roots Automation has helped American Exchange automate and improve a lot of our internal data validation and data entry processes. This has both reduced our workload and has reduced human data entry error to almost zero. The best part is that our process with Roots Automation has allowed our agents to do what they do best, and that is talk to people and help them with their individual and Medicare health insurance decisions."
Andrew Hetzler
Chief Executive Officer, American Exchange

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