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Bridging the gap between centers of excellence and the business

Julianna Rice
July 18, 2022

Getting everyone on the same page in any aspect of business is difficult. Throw technology into the mix and between miscommunication, delays, errors, and incompatibilities, something always seems to be going wrong. Digital Coworkers are AI-powered bots specifically created and trained to function just like their human counterparts, from interacting and collaborating via Slack to reading new policy documents and adjusting their workflow accordingly.

Traditionally, the Center of Excellence in any given company controls the technology deployed to the rest of the workforce. As the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) expands, so does its complexity. As its complexity expands, so does its functionality, but that comes at the cost of increasing chance for greater and greater errors.

The problem with traditional RPA technology is that, at the end of the day, it can’t think. Often even tools marketed as AI are simply bots working on complex if-then statements dressed up in an AI costume. After getting past lengthy, complicated set-up processes, any slip-up in data given to these bots results in, at best, a disruption to the workflow. There’s no way for a simple automation to understand what to do when it’s given faulty data or runs into a problem. This means the moment there’s any sort of issue with the data, from missing digits to formatting problems, human intervention is required to dig into the issue, figure out what went wrong, fix it, and undo any damage done as a result.

Technology is a wonderful, time-saving tool … until it’s not. Trouble also arises when considering who automation is typically deployed for. It’s not always the CoE themselves setting up automations to handle their day-to-day processes; it’s the sales department, marketing team, finance people, and other non-tech-minded individuals who are the ones dealing with these automations. It’s not in their job descriptions to know the ins and outs of any bots set up to help them, let alone be able to fine-tune and troubleshoot as needed. The second something breaks, it’s a frustrating and time-consuming experience for everyone involved.

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Bridging the Gap
What’s the solution when rolling out helpful technology takes time, resources, and training, yet can run into problems that require more time, resources, and training to overcome? Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) takes the convenience of traditional RPA and gives them the brainpower to be their own support team.

Our Digital Coworkers work just like a human member of the team but with the adaptability, work ethic, and accuracy of a computer. These bots can oversee the day-to-day operations of the currently-in-place RPAs, ensuring they’re fed a consistent stream of accurate, perfectly-formatted data, maintaining smooth operations, and working to avoid any potential issues before they’re given the change to happen.

Put simply, Digital Coworkers work hand-in-hand with both CoEs and the rest of the team to streamline operations, improve productivity, and help the business as a whole grow and scale. Adding intelligence to automations takes them from mostly-helpful tools to game-changing, multi-faceted, fully-functional members of a team.

Automation changed technology forever. Cognitive Process Automation is the future of automation. At Roots Automation, we’re proud to be pioneering that future.

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Contact us today to start your digital transformation journey:

Find out more about Digital Coworkers from our white paper: here

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