Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of forms can Iris read?

Currently, Iris extracts data from CMS-1500 claim forms with 98% accuracy.

Internally, we are training Iris to also read UB-04 claim forms, medical ID cards, and invoices. Our Digital Coworkers have successfully automated these processes with a 95% straight-through processing rate, so we are confident in our technology. Our development team is hard at work expanding Iris’s capabilities so that these features and accessible for your team.

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How do I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan in-platform, or by contacting

How do I know what the status of my document is after I've uploaded it?

There are five possible statuses in the application:

1. Uploaded: A document is being processed and data is being extracted.
2. Scoring: Data has been extracted, this is the first human checkpoint. Users with Scoring permissions review the CMS-1500 image and edit extracted data to ensure accurate information.
3. QA: After Scoring, forms are sent to QA, this is the second human checkpoint. Users with QA permissions review the CMS-1500 image and extracted data to ensure no mistakes.
4. Completed: After QA, documents are sent to a Completed status. The extracted data is no longer editable and the document is ready for download.
5. Failed: The document is not recognizable as a CMS-1500 form. Please note that our SaaS only accepts CMS-1500 forms at this time, though we are already planning expansion to additional forms.

How does pricing & billing work?

With Iris, you only pay for what you use. The platform bills on a per-form basis, so you pay for each individual form at the end of the month.

Pricing varies by tiers (the threshold of how many forms you use) and plan (whether you are extracting information only, or adding scoring & QA capabilities).

Be sure to reference our pricing page for more information.

What is 'Scoring' and 'QA' and how does it affect which plan I should choose?

Scoring’ is the first stage in the process where users can review the CMS 1500 image and the extracted data, and make any corrections to the extracted information in the editable form.

QA - or quality assurance - is the second stage where users can review the CMS 1500 image and edit extracted data.

The difference between Scoring and QA is that the documents in the QA stage will have been reviewed by users in the Scoring stage first.

Both Scoring and QA stages exist to ensure the information in the extracted data is accurate and as appears on the scanned image of the CMS 1500 form.

The Scoring stage is designed so that users on the Scoring team may check that the information has been correctly extracted. The QA stage is a final checkpoint and QA users ensure the Scoring users have not made any mistakes.

To ensure best practice, the Scoring and QA teams should consist of different users, so one user should not review the same form in both Scoring and QA stages.  One set of users should have access to forms in the Scoring stage and another set should QA the forms.