Roots Automation Partners with Leading Insurance TPA

May 9, 2022
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Roots Automation has partnered with a leading Insurance Third Party Administrator (TPA), to decrease the manual effort within while improving quality of service within the the Claims Management process. The Customer's Digital Coworker will pull data from in-scope documents, then analyze, manipulate and move the information between several modern and legacy systems.

This company is one of the largest in its sector - they could have worked with anyone. Why did they choose Roots Automation?

Ultimately, the executive team chose Roots Automation as their ideal automation partner for two reasons:

1) because of our enhanced Document Vision platform;

2) because their employees can interact with the #DigitalCoworker natively - to coach and guide it using real-time feedback to enhance the Digital Coworkers performance.

Ultimately, the Customer chose to partner with Roots Automation because of our ability to effectively read, understand and process a range of business documents and their ability to monitor, track and interact with the Digital Coworker to improve its performance over time. We're excited about this partnership as it further expands the knowledgebase and intelligence of the Cognitive Engine, that all Digital Coworker's leverage to read, think and transact work on our customer's behalf. We're also excited to partner with this leading TPA due to the potential to expand the Digital Coworkers knowledge and performance of new systems, documents and processes in the Insurance TPA space.

That said, this is not our first Customer within this sector. In fact, we've delivered great results for similar organizations, with one Customer seeing an 80% reduction in manual effort. In 2020, we partnered with a healthcare and insurance clearinghouse. The Roots Automation team trained a Digital Coworker to read and interpret medical claim forms, as well as matching medical notes. Our Digital Coworker came with proprietary Intelligent Document Processing and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines - meaning: we trained our Digital Coworker to read, understand and comprehend data on a claim form just like its human counterparts. You can read the full case study here, along with our Customer's testimonial.

Demo a Digital Coworker On-Demand

Artificial Intelligence and automation can be difficult to conceptualize.

Access our on-demand demo and watch as a Digital Coworker learns to underwrite an insurance policy, eventually reaching a 95% straight-through processing rate.
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